The Idea Behind “Seams Redeemed”




After Sheila moved to Toronto in 2014, she met Sharole. Sheila was fascinated by Sharole’s life story:  how she overcame addictions and mental health issues.

And now her avocation is one of helping others transform their lives.
Sharole’s experience living in economic poverty while on social assistance motivated her to alter and transform clothing from thrift stores into stylish outfits.

Sheila’s love and support of Yonge Street Mission and Diamond Back Fashion combined with Sharole’s fashion abilities and desire to give back resulted in the creation of DiamondBackFashion’s charity, Seams Redeemed.

Introducing Diamond Back Fashion!


Welcome to Diamond Back Fashion, a company that promotes Canadian designers and artists. We are a one-stop shop to help people in need get their creative talents to market. We provide a beautiful studio with Photography/Editing, Make-up and Models to take your product or fashion line to our E-commerce website. Here we also will provide social media and marketing to promote and grow your business.

We are a collaborative multi-talented team that range in age from 18 to 75 years old. We are co-creators of a vision that allows the growth and development of individuals that together inspire and support the creativity of our company.

We are the “R.E.A.L. DEAL” and a truly transparent company with a proven track record.

We will be posting Real, Ethical, Authentic, Lives. We will be starting with how Sharole Gabriel got involved with Diamond Back Fashion.